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Viscoderm Hydrobooster It is a reabsorbable medical device (sterile, apoish and physiological gel) to be used to restore intracuetaneous hydration and to help improve pavement and elasticity of the skin.
The main component is a cross-list hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, produced by bacterial fermentation.
Viscoderm Hydrobooster is an injectable medical device indicated for the rypristine of intracataney hydration and to help improve the pavement and elasticity of the skin.It is a skinbooster that, thanks to its own regology and viscosity, is designed specifically for the adequate areas of the face, such as the periral and adjustment area.
The results of the intervention depend on the type of skin A on the nature of the imagination.
To be sold exclusively on a prescription.The product is intended to be exclusive use by medical personnel.Do not use any of the other other than those indicated in the illustrative leaflet.

Methods of use
Preliminarily to any form of intervention with Viscoderm Hydrobooster, the doctor owe an adequate anamnesis and an overall assessment of the conditions of the day, to ensure the absolute absence of contraindications to the plant.
Local anesthesia for treatments at the area of the area of the area can be practiced, in order to guarantee better patient comfort.
The doctor must previously inform the patient about the methods of intervention, his nature, warnings, precautions and possible results, on potential adverse responses, on the time duration expected and the eventuality of an additional intervention for the manufacture and/or the definition indetail of the result achieved.
The area of the intervention must be deteated with antiseptic solutions, free diclorexidine and quaternary ammonium salts, before proceeding with the system.

Extract the syringe from the blister, unscrew the hood and whip the complete needle -dip needle.Remove the latter only before the intervention.Remain the glass syringe and the luer-lock between the thumb and the index.Grab protection hood and unscrew it.Remove the self -hood and insert the ego thread on the end of the syringe. Gently vvi the needle clockwise.Continue to screw until threading comes into contact with the syringe body.Verify that agosia correctly inserted in the thread.Failure to comply with these precautions could cause the risk of detachment of the needle and/or leakage from the luer-lock.
Viscoderm Hydrobooster is administered with sterile needles compliant with the luer-circle standards normalized fittings, included in the package.
The system should be carried out at the dermis;However, the procedure is at the discretion of the doctor and depends on the correction that you want to do and the system of the system adopted.
At the end of the procedure it is appropriate to perform a delicate massage of the treated area.

The volumetric gradation reported on the syringes has indicative value: the dosage to be used for the individual case is to the deduction of the doctor.
The periodicity with which to repeat the intervention depends on the factoring, concerning both the physiology of the patient (type of skin, metabolism Individual, anatomy, age) and lifestyle;Another element to be considered was related to the injection techniques adopted.
The recommended treatment plan includes 2 sessions after 2 months the one another.
For maintaining the results obtained, it is appropriate to repeat the delractment scheme twice a year.

Cross-Linkate Hyaluronic Acid 25 mg/g.
Phosphate buffer, water for injectable solutions 1.1 g.

During the intervention, the usual precautions must be adopted in the case of procedures forcutaneously.The risks are the common ones of infection relating to the type of the dating.Viscoderm Hydrobooster should not be used on patients with:
• infectious or inflammatory processes close to the intervention area;
• Hypersensitivity known to the keloids;
• Allergy to components;
• immune system disorders;
• Chronic skin pathological states;
• Disorders borne by coagulation factors or in the case of anticoagulantin course therapies.
The patient should avoid, near the treatment, the intake of substances (aspirin, F.A.N.S., vitamin e) that act on the influence of the blood, in order to minimize the possibility of identifying or bleeding of the injected areas.
The use of Viscoderm Hydrobooster must be absolutely excluded where there are mammary, tendon, bone, muscle.
After the treatment, and until complete absorption of swelling and redness, implanted learee should not be exposed to excessive heat (sun, UV tanning seats, laser), nor intense cold.
After use to dispose of needles and syringes according to the procedures indicated for waste waste.
As can happen in case of percutaneous injection, phenomenides can be registered:
• inflammatory reactions (redness, edema, etc.), sometimes associated with itching Edolore with the touch;
• hematomas;
• hardening or nodules at the point of injection;
• Decollaration coloring of the skin at the point of injection.
These phenomena are generally resolved in a few days.If they persist across the time, the patient will have to turn promptly to his doctor.
Viscoderm Hydrobooster must be used intracataneously and must not be injected blood neivases.
They are not known phenomena of overdose or interaction with drugs.
Do not use pregnant.
Viscoderm Hydrobooster is available in sterile disposable packs.The reuse of the content for subsequent applications or on patient.
Once opened, the product must be used immediately.The excess does not use disposed of.
Do not use the product if the package is damaged.
Do not mix with other injectable, nor use other Aviscoderm Hydrobooster joint systems.
Proceed to the plant in the aseptic environment by observing the appropriate techniques.
Fill out the adhesive label present in the package and apply it to the card kept at the doctor's study.
Keep out of reach of children.

Store between 2 ° C and 28 ° C.Do not freeze.Do not expose to heat sources.

Pack of 1.1 ml containing:
- illustrative leaflet;
- 1 sealed blister containing 1 sterile syringe of 1.1 ml preriempita monodose/disposable 2 adhesive heels to be applied on the patient tab for the traceability of the program;
- 2 sterile needles 29g x ½ ".