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Vea spray base oil is particularly indicated in cases of dry skin, or red in extensive areas or for the prevention of dry skin on large surfaces.It is also suitable for small skin areas on large surfaces.Useful for prevention of Decubitus plagues.Vea spray base oil is particularly suitable for extremely sensitive or fragile skin, given the extreme relaxation.It is especially ideal in the elderly and children.Vea spray base oil if applied regularly can help maintain the skin barrier function or to restore it if it is altered.Used regularly can alter the formation of the milky crust in the infants and dandruff in general.VEA Spray Base Oil is also indicated on dry hair, Crespi more and as a adjuvant in the treatment of gain -haired tricoresi (broken hair) and tricopthylosis (hair with double tips).VEA Spray Base Oil is ideal for removing the eye makeup (also the mascare water proof).It is also ideal on the skin after the bathroom, before and after the sun.In humans it is an excellent afterlist.Vea spray base oil, if used regularly, can contrast the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.
Vea spray base oil is the innovative formula of vitamins and (nebulized) that allows you to spread a very thin and very pleasant film of vitamin and pure on the skin (or on the hair)
Vea spray base oil, similar to the skin lipid film, determines a barrier effect and a soothing effect of itching for hours
VEA Spray is an absolutely innovative formulation that allows you to "spread" on the hair forming a very thin film of vitamin and pure.The use on the hair appears indicated as the protective oil of the external bark of the stem whose damage from physical trauma (combs, especially in the case of curled hair, stretching with the hairdryer) or chemical (tincture, permanent) involves the loss of the structural support to the weakMid -coach part of the stem ("like an electric cable to which the insulating coating is removed") with consequent crooked codel
It does not contain water
It does not contain preservatives, nor perfume, nor essential oils
POO: 12 m