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It is the nightmare of all women: it affects 9 out of 10 women, thin and less thin and is very difficult to fight.Cellulite is an imperfection of the skin that we notice because it gives the skin the effect that is commonly called "orange peel".Cellulite is a problem of connective tissue: they increase the fat cells in certain areas of the body, generally thighs, buttocks and hips.  
Cellulite is generated for a series of factors: the main cause are estrogen, that is, female sex hormones.Estrogen leads to the increase in the volume of the adipose diapers and the consequent rupture cells.The rupture causes the expansion of the triglycerides contained in the cells, thus leading to the swelling of the adipose tissue.Since the estrogen is the protagonists of the formation of cellulite, this turns out to be a problem due to female dipiù.
Fighting cellulite is certainly not an easy war: the wrong lifestyle is the first thing to keep under control to be able to win this battle.A incorrect diet, a sedentary lifestyle and overweight are the main causes of the onset of cellulite, and therefore the first to be changed if you want to eliminate it, or at least reduce it.In addition, it is necessary to rely on specific products that can help: it is important, however, to remember that for themselves they cannot make miracles.

Somatoline emulsion 30 sachets 10g is a dermatological preparation in the form of skin emulsion with anti -cellulite action.Somatoline emulsion is formulated with:

Levotiroxine: it is a thyroid hormone that allows the combustion of lipids at the level of adipocytes, thus going to reduce their size,
Escin: it is a substance contained in hippocastan seeds.Its action improves the resistance of the membranes of the capillaries.It also improves microcirculation and reduces tissue edema.  

Somatoline emulsion has a remodeling function, it does not work directly on weight loss.For this reason it is important to associate it with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Somatoline emulsions presents itself in the form of sachets.Apply 20 g of product on the affected area (2 sachets) for the first two days of treatment.Subsequently it will be necessary to apply 10 g of product (1 sachet) per day, consecutive or even alternate.If, on the other hand, the product is applied on the thighs, the first two days of treatment will be applied an sachet for each leg, and in the following days half a sachet.After application, massage the area until the product is completely absorbed.Generally the surface of the treatment must not exceed 15 cm to the side.Then it will be necessary to make another massage lasting 5 - 10 minutes.
If the skin is particularly oily or thickened, before applying the product and carrying out the entire treatment it would be appropriate to wash the area to be treated and dry carefully.
Box format from 30 sachets of 10 g each.