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Sinovial 32 It is a substitute for the synovial liquid, which allows to restore the physiological and rheological properties of the arthritic joints.This therapeutic action is expressed by the particular characteristics of the hyaluronic acid used.The hyaluronic acid contained in Sinovial 32, obtained by fermentative and not chemically modified, it has excellent tolerability.Restoring the viscoelastic properties of the synovial liquid, it reduces pain and restores the articular mobility etendinea.
It also acts only at the level of the area in which it is injected, without exercising any systemic action.The improvement is immediate: already after the first injection, the global Womac index decreases and starting from the third injection, the decrease becomes statistically significant.
Indicated in case of acute and chronic tendinopathies and/or associated with joint disabilities and in the process of repairing the tendons, also following surgery.
Sinovial 32 It is a medical device designed to integrate the synovial liquid, allowing to restore the physiological properties of the arthritic joints and tendons.In the joint it reduces the pain and promotes the recovery of joint and tendon mobility associated, acting only in the synovial cavity in which it is injected, without exercising any systemic action.Thanks to its lubricating and Visco elastic characteristics, he acts at the level of the Guainatendinea, where he improves the sliding of the tendon ("tenon gliding") and the physiological processes of healing/repair, thus preventing the formation of adhesions in the post-operative decorations.

Methods of use
Vacuum the possible joint payment before proceeding with the injection.
Unscrew the syringe hood with caution, keeping the "Luer Lock" closing collar firmly between the fingers and paying particular attention in order to avoid contact with the opening.Insert the needle to the closing collar of the Luer Lock type of the syringe (a diameter needle between 18 and 22g) by screwing it firmly, up to perceive a slight pressure in order to ensure a watertight and prevent the leakage of liquid during administration,By firmly keeping the "Luer Lock" collar between the fingers.
Inject to ambient temperature and in conditions of narrow asepsis, within the synovial space of the joint or in the sheaths/peri-intention area, depending on the identified medical necessity.
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