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Remescar Corrector Rughe Instant Pen It is an instant treatment that offers immediate and visible rejuvenating results on the face.This practice pen delivers the product while you Torci, with a fluid texture that adapts to all skin types.The E-Wrink Flex technology uses red algae, vegetable sugars and antioxidant molecules to provide just what your skin needs.This combination of ingredients instantly improves compactness and fleshy lines at the same time.After each application, only four minutes are enough to offer up to 10 hours of smooth skin, visibly reducing the depth of wrinkles.Consequently, the skin appears more uniform, soft and smooth.

To begin with, clean the skin thoroughly.Apply a face cream and non -fat eyes and let it absorb completely before applying the makeup.Then, rotate Remescar Corrector Rughe Instant Pen Until it releases a size of the product rice grain (at the first application, it requires more twisting movements to the release of the product).Rub the product between the fingers for about five to ten seconds.Therefore, apply it gently and directly on the wrinkles (around the eyes, around the lips, nose and forehead), avoiding applying too close to the eyes.Wait three or four minutes without smiling or making a marked expression with your face.Rinse your hands thoroughly after each application and close the pen.To remove the product at the end of the day, use water and gently dab the skin.

Do not apply on open wounds or irritated skin.Do not use the product for more than four weeks.If you use the product regularly, let the skin rest for about four or five days after using it for four weeks in a row.The product is not recommended for pregnant women nor during breastfeeding.After opening, use the product for the next 6 months.