Remescar Rughe Instant Corrector

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Remescar Corrector Rughe Instant is an immediate effect cream that acts on wrinkles in the delicate area of the eye area, between the eyebrows or around the mouth and nose with a single application per day.Its e-plank flex technology, based on a unique combination of red algae extracts, clay minerals, vegetable sugars and natural molecules that protect against oxidative stress, fills wrinkles by instantly giving the skin a more smooth and young appearance.Immediate effect cream for the correction of small wrinkles in the delicate area of the eye area, between the eyebrows or around mouth and nose.- Effective already from the first application.Clinically demonstrated, long -lasting effect, up to 160 applications.Usable in combination with makeup.1) Wash the face, then dry it by dabbing it gently.
2) If you use a moisturizing product (day or eye contour), wait for it to be completely absorbed by the skin before applying Remescar corrector of Rughe instant.
3) Dose a small amount of product on the fingertip.Being a highly concentrated formula with active ingredients, the ideal quantity is equivalent to a grain of rice for a small area of application and 2 beans if the area is more extensive.A lower quantity would not be sufficient and a greater one would be excessive, it would not be completely absorbed by the skin or could cause skin hypersensitivity.
4) Gently rub the cream between the indices until it becomes colorless (5-10 seconds).Make sure that a sufficient amount of cream remains between your fingers and that the fingertips are still humid;Otherwise, put a small amount of cream on the fingertip.Respect for this procedure is indispensable for Remescar Corrector Rughe Instant to act correctly.
5) Apply the cream with a finger on the area where the wrinkles are located (in the delicate area of the eye area, between the eyebrows or around mouth and nose).Spread it gently by taping slightly until complete absorption of the product.Avoid applying the cream too close to the eye because in contact with the heat of the skin the product will tend to expand.
6) For a perfect result, maintain a neutral expression for about 2 3 minutes while the product dries (to accelerate the drying process, grip).If an excessive amount of cream has been applied, remove the excess product with a cloth slightly moistened with water.Wash your hands and close the tube after use.
To remove the product: cleanse the area of application of the cream with water and dry by dabbing.As a base for makeup: apply the usual cosmetics (serum for the eye area, daily moisturizing cream, etc.), letting be absorbed by the skin (one or two minutes).Then, apply the trick as usual and subsequently spread a thin layer of Remescar Corrector of Instant wrinkles on the areas concerned as previously described.Any formation of a white residue indicates that an excessive amount of product has been used or that the moisturizer has not been applied.Remove the residue with a cloth slightly moistened with water.Note: oil -based cosmetics can reduce the effectiveness of Remescar corrector corrector Instant.Format: 8 ml tube