Dexerryl emollient cream 250g

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Dexerryl emollient cream It is a dermoprotective cream for the treatment of signs and symptoms of dry skin (xerosis) in various skin disorders, such as atopic and ichthyosis dermatitis.

Based on glycerol (15%), Vaseline (8%) and liquid paraffin (2%), it carries out an important moisturizing and emollient action at the skin level, since it improves the hydration of the corneous layer (more superficial layer of the skin)And it retains a correct amount of water that from the deepest layers of the epidermis goes to the skin surface.

Thanks to the presence of the liquid paraffin, it forms a protective film at the level of the skin surface which physically inhibits the evaporation of water, thus preventing skin dehydration and carries out a barrier effect towards external agents.

Glycerol performs a moisturizing action that helps to maintain the water balance of the skin

Suitable for very dry skin offers:

- Hydration
- prolonged emollient action
- rapid absorption

Its delicate formulation reduces and prevents irritation and is Suitable for both adults and children.

Methods of use                                                                                                  Apply 1 or 2 times a day on the whole body

 Format:                                                                                                              Bottle with 250g dosset cap