Competod Duroni Largo 2 Patters

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Competod Duroni Largo by immediate relief from pain.
The technology of the hydrocolloid compet and is made up of microparticles that improve hydration and soften the callus.
Competed acts as a second skin and helps and rebalance the natural level of humidity to protect against rubbing and pressure, give immediate relief from the pain of the harsh and moisturize and soften the duron to favor their removal.
Remains applied for more than 24 hours.The duration can vary from subject to subject.

Methods of use
Soften the skin by immersing the feet in warm water and remove the softened callies with a towel.Clean and dry the treated area.
Remove the two paper tabs that protect Competod, taking care not to touch the adhesive part.
Apply compet and directly to the durone.
Leave Competed applied until it comes off alone (it could remain applied for several days).
Repeat the treatment until completely removal of the durone.

For diabetics, consult your doctor before use.
Do not apply on infected wounds.
Do not reuse because it can cause infections.
Never cut the driver competned.
Any sticker residues on socks or shoes can be removed with alcohol, taking into account the specific instructions of the fabric.

Pack of 2 patches.