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Average competition It is designed to help prevent the formation of calls thanks to the padding and prolonged hydration;Features: The patch comped with hydrocolide technology and softening serum provides: rapid relief from pain and pressure;Prolonged hydration and aimed at harmful leather layers;
Protection against rubbing and pressure, acting as a bearing;Pain relief in the points subjected to pressure and in the hardened skin that forms the callus;Help in fighting calli in the birth;Various days may be needed;
The duration can vary from subject to subject;Way of use: before use make sure that the affected area is clean and dry, without creams and/or oils residues;Remove the decorated higher film first and then the white film, taking care not to touch the adhesive part;Apply the patch directly to the affected area, hitting the moisturizer;
Make sure the edges adhere well to the skin;Leave the patch applied until it starts to detach itself;Various days may be needed;For an optimal result, use Competod until the treated skin is smooth and soft;
Use if necessary to prevent the hardening of the skin that turns into callus;Competition for medium highly description of pressure from pressure and rubbing;The technology of the hydrocolloid Competod is made up of microparticles that improve hydration and soften the callus;Competed acts as a second skin and helps and rebalance the natural level of humidity to protect against rubbing and pressure, give immediate relief from the pain of the calluses and hydrate and soften them.

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