Bioscalin Synchro r-plus 2 hair 30 cpr.

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Biogenin syncure innovative technology R - Plus 2 increases the availability of the active 25th anniversary - 25% discount of food supplement, suitable for men and women.Synchrobiogenin is made up of Biotin and zinc chronobiogenin, useful for the maintenance of healthy hair and for the normal synthesis of proteins respectively, including keratin, and by an exclusive patented complex of anti - oxidants, Olea Europaea, Vitis vinifera and selenium,Nutrients selected for the protection activity from oxidative stress, generated by free radicals that also attack the hair.Furthermore, thanks to the patented technology R - Plus (innovative system that combines a coating of the tablet with gradual release) all assets come intact in the intestine, where they are gradually released so as to encourage optimal absorption.Thus has also improved digestibility.Without artificial dyes.Gluten free.Misationin granulated ingredients (Metionine, Charger: Talco, Covering agents: Hydroxes - Propil - Metilcellulosa, Hiring, Ethylcellulose), Synchrobiogenine (Vite (Vitis Vinifera L.) Semi -dry extract, yeast enriched with selenium, olive tree (Olea Europaea L.) Dry extract leaves, rutin, zeaxanthin, n - (3 - aminopropil) - Tetramethyletilendiamine triclorohydrate), vitamin C, charge agent (microcrystalline cellulose);Vitamin E (DL - Alfa. Tocoferile acetato), Bisglicinated zinc, charge agent: phosphate football;Anti -caking agent: Bioxide silicon;Football D - Pantotenate, anti -caking agent: Magnesium Stearato;Bisglicinated copper, coating agent: polyetilenglicle;Holding: titanium dioxide;Vitamin B6 (pyridossin hydrochloride), coating agent: stearic acid;Hyaluronic acid, charge agent;Voic -reticulated sodium carboxymelcellulosa;Choiring: Copper Chlorophylline;Thickener: hydroxy - propyl - metilcellulosa, coating agent: sodium alginated;Holding: yellow oxide iron;Folic acid, D - Biotin.

for 1 tablet

300 mg

Vitamina 100
90 mg
112, 5%

Vitis vinifera semi dry extract
60 mg

Vitamin E
15 mg

European Olea The dry extract leaves
10 mg

Pantothenic acid
8, 28 mg

7, 5 mg

2, 5 mg

Vitamin bsh
2, 0 mg

2, 0 mg

1, 2 mg

N - (3 - aminopropil) Tetramethylendiamine triclorohydrate
0, 5 mg

Folic acid
200 µg

60 µg

d - biotina
50 µg

1 tablet a day preferably with breakfast in the morning or main meal.Warnings do not take in pregnancy.Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age.Supplements should not be understood as substitute for a varied diet.Pack format of 30 tablets.