Bioderma Hydrabio box - creams + h2o + serum

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Bioderma Hydrabio Creme + H2O + serum It contains a 50 ml cream of Hydrabio cream, a 100 ml H20 micellar cleansing package and a 15 ml serum pack.

Hydrabio Crema It is suitable for the face that hydrates and illuminates.Affinates the skin's grain by enhancing its brightness and giving you a feeling of freshness and well -being for a long time thanks to the presence of the patented biological complex Aquageniumtm, which generates intense hydration.Thanks to the presence of salicylic acid, it performs an ex -refiliation of the skin, the balance and smoothing a long brightness.With vitamin and to combat oxidative stress due to early aging.

Il Micellar cleaner Strucca, hydrated, eliminates impurities, impurities and polluting particles, removes the face and eyes make-up, soothes and leaves the skin soft and luminous.A micellar water that contains fatty acids, similar to the phospholipids of the membranes of skin cells that help to naturally reconstruct the hydrolipidic film of the skin.It does not require rinse.

Il Serum It has a deep hydration for a long time thanks to this face serum with a fluid and fresh texture that gives brightness for a long time.Combine the Aquagenium patent and moisturizing active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, xylitol and glycerin) to stimulate 3 hydration mechanisms.It makes sure that the water reaches the skin, keeps it in depth and circulates it by stimulating the production of water channels contained in the skin called Acquaporine.

Format: Cofanetto (Bioderma Hydrabio Creme + H2O + serum)