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Radiesse 1,5 cc, it is a unique filler in its kind approved in the United States by F. D. A. (Food and Drug Administration, the Agency for food and medicines) for the correction of facial folds and moderate and severe wrinkles, including nasolabial folds.In Europe, the radiese is CE certified for plastic and reconstructive surgery, including the increase in the soft intradermal and subcutaneous fabric of the facial area.

Radiesse 1.5 cc is indicated the treatment of periorbital wrinkles, cheeks, nasolabial folds, oral commissures, puppet lines, skin lip increase, volume increase in nose area, chin fold, lip contour (vermilion), chicken legs, lobes of'ear, malar region, jaw line and maxillary furrow and for the rejuvenation of the hand.

The 1.5cc Radiesse Filler is also available in Version with lidocaine.

Radiesse 1.5cc is a fillers composed of 30% from synthetic microspheres of Chaha hydroxiapitis of calcium suspended in watery solution of gel (70%).Calcium hydroxyapatitis microspheres have a size between 25 and 45 microns and are composed of calcium and phosphate ions that are also found in the epidermal fabric.It is a 100% biocompatible product and therefore no allergological tests are necessary before undergoing treatment.The action of the product is immediate and has a function of stimulus of natural collagen.During the injection, the gel in which Caha's microspheres are immersed an immediate corrective and filler action.

After the injection, Radiese 1.5cc has an action of stimulus to the production of natural collagen.The macrophages degrade the gelatinous medium that disappears in a few months and the fibroblasts form new natural collagen which will give a greater volume and smoother skin.For the specific characteristics of the product, a lower use of material is needed compared to a treatment with hyaluronic acid and therefore it is reached by a saving of 25-30% for each treatment, obtaining a more lasting effect than other fillers.The product is not permanent but completely biodegradable by the human body, so Radiesse is gradually metabolized by macrophages with the phagocytosis mechanism and totally eliminated by the body.Thanks to the longer duration, the effect, the duration of Radiesse is about a year, and in some cases longer periods of duration have been described. 

The application of the product is reserved exclusively for professional health workers with adequate qualification.Therefore, any liability for uses or applications of the product made by subjects not qualified for health treatments is declined.